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Microsoft had never been so serious about games until they decided to hop into the multi-billion dollar game console market – with their product, Xbox. From conquering desktop, they found a way to sneak through your living room, bedroom, and basements. Bill Gates, its founder, boasts that Xbox is way advanced than any other game consoles in the market. This used to be a huge black box, has the speed and power that speaks for itself. Its ‘red carpet’ entrance in the market is possible after the company managed to determine their competitors’ weaknesses and injected strengths in their product.

But what makes Xbox ‘really’ stand out? It’s about the games! Microsoft, itself is a fantastic game publisher but they also made sure to sign deals with other video game makers. Now, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Forza, Gears, Call of Duty, and other new, amazing games became within the reach of gamers. The company’s incessant efforts to redesign and upgrade gave them more power and of course, more fans. Giving excitement to its supporters is the 2018 news that Phil Spencer had his team crafting the new generation of Xbox systems!

It’s been eighteen years and Microsoft’s Xbox console stands to this day. If you haven’t had a grip even once to its controllers, perhaps, you’re missing out! Xbox One, for instance, does not have the same exclusive games as what in Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. But, if you’re a fan of racing and shooting games, you don’t need to look further. Alongside, Xbox download keys make life even easier! Through codes available in a trusted key shop like The CD Key Hub, you’re ready to make the most out of Xbox games!

How to Use/Activate Xbox Live Game Keys?

In 2007, Microsoft’s Xbox extended on the windows platform. Now, you can enjoy its features using Windows computers. It is truly the next generation gaming console. The games, the features, the graphics, and add-ons – they are designed for gamers’ satisfaction. With download keys from The CD Key Hub, you’re sure to have convenient and fun gaming experience. So, how would you activate these keys to enjoy your Xbox games?

To manually enter the code:

  1. Visit the Xbox website here. Log in to your Xbox live account. If you don’t still have one yet, you can always sign up for a new account. Provide a username and password to proceed.
  2. Once you successfully logged in, hover to the tab named ‘Games’. Then, using your console or your computer mouse, click it.
  3. Xbox would then give you many options. But the one you should head out for is that “Use a Code” option found at the menu.
  4. A new window would appear. Choose the one that says, “enter the 25-character code”. Use the keyword available to enter the code you bought from The CD Key Hub.
  5. Lastly, you just need to confirm what code you had entered. Then, just click the confirm tab and you’re all set!

To use code using the Kinect:

  1. Log in to your Xbox Live account.
  2. Make sure your Kinect, Microsoft’s motion sensor, connected to your Xbox console. Follows steps 2-3 as mentioned above.
  3. Within sensor range, navigate through the menu and select Xbox. Then, click the option QR code, this would lead you to a scanning screen where you need to use the scanned form of the code The CD Key hub sent you.
  4. After successful scanning, you would then be asked what kind of code you entered. And then click ‘confirm’ and you’re good to go!

Turn to The CD Key Hub For Your Xbox Download Keys

Why here? What makes The CD Key Hub a reliable game store to get your Xbox keys?

Our extensive and top-rated collection of Xbox games would entice your love for consoles and gaming. Not only you would find Xbox-exclusives, but also quality games sold at affordable prices. Whether you’re into sports, or for battle royale games, we got the best CD key titles for you! If you’re up to single-player games or you’d love to play with your friends on multi-players, we’re dedicated to bringing you a high-quality and smooth gaming experience!

Fast and secure transactions – this is what The CD Key Hub boasts. Just minutes after your purchase, you would immediately receive your download keys. We ensure that our service would let our customers have their game to the fullest!  We understand how important a great game performance to you is and we don’t want you to encounter mishaps or delays. If you’d choose us, you don’t also need to worry about legality as we take our best effort to ensure your keys are from trusted sources.

Now, all you have to do is trust us! Hover to our site to find great Xbox game deals and place your orders today!

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