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Assasin’s Creed, Far Cry, and the City of Light – these are just some of the reasons why gamers grew their fondness to Ubisoft. Their love of massive open-world games changed people’s views on them being ‘just another’ game distributor. Horrible gaming stories became parts of the past as they continuously strive to improve their service as well as the quality of their plays. One of their ‘target points’ – of giving gamers the liberty to play what they want – worked effectively when their games were introduced on its gaming platform, Uplay.

In the latest study of Ubisoft’s sales, a significant increase was noted on Uplay’s revenue. Now, its chief executive officer (CEO) Yves Guillemot guarantees enticing, top-rated games that streamers would surely enjoy. Specific steps to ramped up Uplay gave them the best opportunities to compete and keep their name on industry. Free games from time to time – Ubisoft knows how to build a fan base. Apart from that, talk about the rewards you’ll get from your achievements. For sure, it won’t be a waste of time exploring Uplay for your next games.

Accessibility is also something worth considering about the Uplay platform. Through the use of CD Keys, you can activate PC games anytime and anywhere you want – of course, as long as you have the PC, internet, and the money. But money should be less of a problem as UPlay keys brought from PC key shops do not cost rich blood. Now, all you have to do is find that game store to dig these keys. The CD Key Hub may not immediately ring a bell, but we guarantee – we’d be your newest, CD key shop favorite!

How to Use/Activate Uplay Keys?

If you’re a gamer and you weren’t still exploring Ubisoft games, you’re missing out! The company boasts being one of the best in the AAA category. Today is the day to visit for Uplay CD keys of the most fantastic Ubisoft titles. After purchase, it’s essential to know how to activate it – or else, you won’t be able to play. These 5 easy steps could help you get through the activation process:

  1. Install Uplay Client on your PC to start the activation. Download it here if you still haven’t.
  2. After some clicks and the whole installation process, it would direct you to Uplay’s pop-up window where you need to enter your account. Tap “Create New Account” if you don’t have it yet, or you could visit this link.
  3. Once you successfully logged in in your Ubisoft account, you would immediately be brought to the Uplay dashboard. Tap the 3 lines or the Hamburger button at the side.
  4. Choose the ‘Activate Product’ option from the drop-down menu.
  5. Key in the CD key you bought from The CD Key Hub, tap Continue, and you’re all set!

Once Uplay verified the key, you could visit your library and find your activated game here. Then, proceed to download it. The process is simple – in less than 2 minutes, you can play that great game without any delay! BUT, if you happen to encounter any mishap on code or so, Ubisoft support is always available.

Play Conveniently with Uplay CD Keys from The CD Key Hub

If you’re unaware where to get Tom Clancy that you’re friend recommends, The CD Key Hub is here to guide you explore Uplay. With an easy-to-navigate interface, this gaming platform won’t cause you headaches. Moreover, with CD keys, the latest Ubisoft games are just clicks away! If you’re itching to get ‘just released’ titles and it’s only 2 AM, it’s never a problem when you have trusted key shop like The CD Key Hub always available to get you these keys! No more waiting, also!

The CD Key Hub may not be a fully authorized key reseller, but assure that our keys are acquired legitimately. Compared to other game stores, we guarantee that you’ll get the best deals at the best prices. We also aim to keep our security and privacy concerns transparent. Same as our Steam and Origin keys, after some verification, you can easily play games a couple of minutes after you bought it from us. If you happen to encounter issues, those are common mishaps for any big or small low-cost CD key distributor.

For the next months, Ubisoft is about to release new games again. And before these big days happen, make sure you have your Uplay installed on your PC already. Rewards, discounts, and day-to-day promotions – Ubisoft got it for you! Now, have The CD Key Hub as your game key source, and you won’t surely regret it!

Start your Uplay CD Key shopping here!

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