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Battalion 1944 Region Free PC CD KEY (Steam)

Experience brutal reality of World War II – Battalion 1944 has been developed by the British studio – Bulkhead Interactive. The game focuses only on multiplayer gameplay and takes players back in time to the title year 1944. The developers were inspired by the classic WWII games like the first releases of famous Call of Duty or Medal of Honor.

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Gameplay Mechanics – Skill is ALL THAT MATTERS

Battalion 1944 offers classic game modes, typical for multiplayer first-person shooters. The game does not lack in-game modes like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag or Domination. Battalion 1944 is a very fast-paced shooter that concentrates on 5v5 infantry fights, taking place on historic battlefields. The game puts a huge emphasis on player skills, accuracy, and reflex. Every single player is equal by default and the only thing that can lead them to victory is a pure skill. Even the slightest mistake can lead to a defeat. The game awards well-performing players with cosmetics such as weapon skins.

Maps included in the game are designed based on authentic, historic data from World War II. During the gameplay, players have the opportunity to fight on the streets of the French town of Carentan or in the woods of Bastogne. It is worth to mention that the developers have implemented a special eSport game mode called Wartide, inspired by iconic Counter-Strike. Battalion 1944 supports both, dedicated and LAN servers which is extremely important in such competitive and skill-focused game.

Battalion 1944 (PC) has received decent reviews among the gaming community. The game is perfect for players who like competitive FPS games, full of fast-paced action. Player appreciated the fact that the game makes everyone equal, there are no special abilities and the only thing that matters is reflex and skill.


Fight in four classic game modes: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination and Free for All!

Skill-based Matchmaking – Everyone is equal by default. The only thing that matters is your skill.

Authentic, based on historical data, perfect for extremely fast-paced 5v5 fights!

Entirely cosmetics War Chests – none of the in-game items will affect the gameplay – skill is still the king!

Dedicated and LAN Servers – host your own dedicated server and run private competitive match!

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