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The CD Key Hub: Trusted Site to Find the Best and the Cheapest Game Keys Leave a comment

Gone are the days when you have to wait for days to get your most-awaited games shipped right to your doorsteps. Also, you had to say goodbye to those moments when you would spend minutes scanning on a manual’s pages or the packaging itself for game activation. With the advancement in technology, the most amazing games are within your reach. Perhaps, it’s just a tap, click, or a call away – what’s cooler than that, right?

In layman’s term, game keys or product keys are used to activate a game on specific download platforms such as GOG, Origin (EA), uPlay (Ubisoft), and the biggest, Steam. If a particular game is sold as a personal computer (PC) Code or Game Code, you would not probably receive a physical media product. Instead, after a purchase to your favorite game retailer, a CD key would be sent to you. That way, you can activate the product, and then download it just as if you bought if from the mentioned gaming stores. 

While you can just WAIT and WAIT until Steam’s game prices lowered down a bit, this isn’t “acceptable” for players digging ‘just released’ hit titles. This is the case when key giveaways and third-party vendors are best sought of. Fast transactions and lower prices than traditional PC vendors – of course, the online grey marketplace are too good to be true. But, yes, they exist, and The CD Key Hub is one of which you can find great, legitimate game deals!

How CD Keys work?

With your enjoyment in mind, distributors, platforms, wholesalers, and retailers work hand in hand to bring gamers what they want – working, quality game keys with instant delivery. Key shops can give discounts or giveaways if approved by major platforms or the leading stores. 

Key shops obtain keys in several ways: 

  1. Keys bought during promotions on official game stores. 
  2. Keys bought in cheaper regions. 
  3. Keys bought from competitions. 
  4. Keys bought as a bundle. 

After successful payment to one of your key shops, you would then receive a personal and unique game key sent through email. Now, you can use the code on gaming platforms. The platform where you would activate could be usually found in the email also or the product’s page. After the activation process, you could now download it, install on your personal computer – and of course, enjoy the game without breaking the bank! 

A Word of Warning

A game is a game. Of course, the grey market doesn’t excuse itself to the game of frauds, ‘identity thieves,’ and scammers. Most of huge third-party game resellers, such as G2A, endured terrible publicity because of their business rules took their break to trust key shops. There’s no one to blame. After all, who would want to be involve fraudulent undertakings, right?

Now, cheap offers are deemed suspicious. If you happen to purchase keys from marketplaces that bought these keys from individual sellers, there’s a clear risk that it is acquired from an illegal method. But, who actually knows where these keys originated from? Thus, it is essential that before you pitchforks, you know you have a trusted ally. 

Do your research, read reviews, ask your friends or your game circle. Nevertheless, money is still involved – make sure you place it in the right place, the right people, and the right game keys! You don’t usually get refunds, so rule and dominate your games! 

Why Trust The CD Key Hub? 

In the midst of legality controversy, The CD Key Hub remains tough, quiet, and professional with serving our clients. With ten years of experience in retailing online, we’re happy to supply video games for digital downloads – all with positive buying experience from gamers around the globe. 

Physical copies of video games are no longer the norm. In its place, more and more players are purchasing games online. While more and more key shops are reaping the benefits catering to this consumer attitude, The CD Key Hub decided to hop in. But not to the pools of G2A or Kinguin, but at legitimate key resellers who you can trust your gaming experience! 

Our mission goes around keeping you at the latest game picks. Our reputation can be seen with our happy customers, and keys that are working to ensure you’ll get the most of your games. 

So, are we legit? Do we deserve your trust? Of course! 

Exploring the grey market is scary – but The CD Key Hub got you covered! All you have to do is contact us – give us a beep and be your game rock star or even superhero today! 

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